Raspberry Jellies



Inspired by raspberry flavoured liquorice – the different shapes – the variety! There is a retro feel to these. Each liquorice pattern has a name – Torpedoes, Laces, Nippets, Bonbons, Tulips, Allsorts, Jelly Bobbles, Fountains, Pastilles, Stickets. Each is available as a pattern on its own.

Overview: Handmade item

Materials: pen, digital

Created: All my art begins with a drawing. A small doodle/sketch can be the inspiration behind a collection. Add in colour, textures and layers and something magical happens.

Digital creation/hand-drawn elements and textures


Additional information


Clock, Lampshade 30cm (pendant fitting), Lampshade 30cm (table lamp fitting), Lampshade 40cm (pendant fitting), Lampshade 40cm (table lamp fitting), Mug


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